Vincit is your renowned Enterprise-partner, best-in-class in Finland & Nordics. Our product experience management solutions cover centralized product experience management (PXM) platforms based on Akeneo solutions, vendor data onboarding, visual media experience optimization, publishing and product data architectures and integrations. We also have experience of multiple Akeneo Enterprise Edition implementations (both Serenity & Flexibility) in addition to Community Edition. In our opinion, PXM is more than technology. It´s about business capabilities, genuine customer understanding and collaboration. That´s why we help you to build capabilities, not delivering mere systems.

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Collaboration with Vincit has been really transparent and fluent from the very beginning. The schedule was really tight but with proficient collaboration we managed to finish on time. The common success was based on narrative, interrogative and questioning atmosphere which helped us to avoid pitfalls together. Anna-Leena Kaunisto Digital Development Manager Finlayson
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