Unifai is the first artificial intelligence platform designed for e-retailers and distributors that automatically standardizes, enriches and categorizes their product catalogues to halve their time-to-market and optimise their conversion rate. duplicates or missing product attributes that are detrimental to the conversion rate and the time to market. The different AI modules developed by Unifai enable to handle different situations: - Data Onboarder: Structures catalogs to facilitate integration into your PIM Akeneo - Cleaned data: Ensures data uniqueness and corrects errors and missing values. - Enriched data: Adds or completes the attributes of a catalog from a text or external data matching. About twenty retail players trust Unifai. Among our happy customers, we have: Rexel, Intersport, Fnac-Darty, Gedimat, Algorel, Alltricks, Apex, Retif, Cyrus, TheAgent, 58 Facettes, VM

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