TwicPics is a SaaS solution that allows companies of all sizes to automate media optimization for the web. TwicPics' technology provides the best possible user experience for every user thanks to optimal visual quality and loading speed on all devices. TwicPics' promise: increasing engagement and conversion rates while streamlining image management and reducing the carbon footprint of websites. TwicPics works with major brands such as L'Oréal, La Redoute, Celine and Burger King, as well as numerous start-ups like Staycation, Dayuse and Smiirl, and currently delivers more than 10 billion images and videos worldwide each month. Thanks to TwicPics and its connector for Akeneo, deliver perfectly optimized images and videos directly from your Akeneo PIM to boost your websites' performances and offer an optimal experience to every user.

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