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PIM Experts Calago - The best product information for your organization. That is what we stand for and what we are going for! We offer this by doing good and thorough research into what your organization needs now and in the future. We have developed a specific method for this in order to research and substantiate this properly. OUR PIM² METHODOLOGY is divided into a number of phases. We always start with Phase 0. In this phase we do independent research on what the best choice is for your organization. At the end of this phase you will receive a Solution Design Document from us. Phase 1 is our implementation phase. We work scrum/agile and use a central platform for communication. After the completion of Phase 1, delivery to your team takes place. It is important to "stitch up" the project. It is determined with your team whether goals have been achieved, you can work independently with the solution, support is in place, the process works and the documentation is com

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The best product information for your organization.
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